PLEASE NOTE: Not every practitioner and vendor shown below will be available at every festival. We will post a list of actual participants at least two weeks prior the each event. 

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Alice King   Spiritual Table Tipping

Hi! I am Alice and I am a Spirit Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner-- Healer of the spirit. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Seeds of Grace. I was in healthcare from 1975 to 2010. In 2002 my brother John transitioned to the other side and came through to me in many ways. It was through these visits from spirit that brought me to where I am today. I continue to have a passion for healing work however now it is through various energy healing modalities including Psychic Mediumship, Spiritual Table Tipping, Reiki, and Shamanic practices.

In 2015, I completed Dory Cote's, The Center For Earth Light Healing, Two-Year Advanced Shamanic Initiations and in November of 2017 I attended The Four Wind's Society Light Body School in Chile, where I completed the 300 hour Core Curriculum for Shamanic Energy Medicine with the founder Alberto Villoldo and his wife, Marcella Lobos.

My soul's mission is to serve, factilitate and inspire soul healing and to create awareness and connection to the Divinity within each of us. My main goal is to prove continuity of life, after what we call death, and to assist you with your soul development when you become "stuck" in your spiritual journey. I am very blessed to have this connection with loved ones and spirit guides who have passed on or transitioned to the radiant light of infinite love and lasting peace. These loved ones in spirit want to assist us in our healing, spiritual growth, soul development or enlightenment and I am a eager to be of service to them and to you! My passion for Mediumship, Spiritual Table Tipping, intuitive work and energy healing work grows daily! 

Bonnie Lee Gibson   Psychic Medium

Bonnie Lee has been communicating with Spirit; developing the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the ability to work as a medium for since a young age. She now enjoys bringing comfort to those in need by connecting people with their loved ones, ancestors, guiding angels, spirit guides and healers as well as connecting with past lives. 207-649-7089 [email protected] you have more to say and show? You can do it in this section. Add pictures and a short description to show visitors more of whatever it is you want.

Annie Stillwater Gray is a writer, a mystic, an astrologer with an international clientele, a public speaker, an audio and visual artist, a singer-songwriter, a teacher and media veteran. Annie began her professional radio career in Hartford, Connecticut in 1974 and has been on the air every year since that date. Today she has her own syndicated radio program, The General Store Variety Show, now in its 16th year. She has just been made General Manager of a new community radio station, WXNZ.
Annie has studied Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, and Bach Flower remedies. She received a BFA from Boston University in graphic arts and writing. She writes songs and de-signs all of the CD covers and publicity material for her bands. Her current band is the west-ern quintet Merry-Go-Roundup.
Annie telepathically transcribed The Dawn Book, a valued text as told to her by a group of Master Spirit Guides, made available in October 2015, thanks to Ozark Mountain Publishing. This led her to leading numerous seminars designed to connect people to their Spirit Guides. In 2000, her Spirit Guide, Darci Stillwater, told her how he became a Spirit Guide, which is related in the book Education of a Guardian Angel, published by Ozark Mountain in April 2014. 

About Linda Huitt: Linda’s mission is to assist her clients in finding greater joy in life, while restoring their personal empowerment. She does this with private energy sessions for people and pets as well as public  training events. She has clients across the US and in Canada.

Linda is the owner of Pathway of Joy . She is certified in and practices several energy healing modalities:

        Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET Master-Instructor Trainer)
         Kundalini Reiki
         Akashic Records readings
         Usui Reiki 
         Animal Reiki
        Melchizedek Method Healing 

Examples of training offerings:
* IET certification for adults and children
* IET for pets
* Vision Board
(a manifestation workshop)
* Meet the Angels (a two-way conversation with nine Angels)
* Transformation modules (14 separate events)
* A monthly Healing Circle, and a monthly Energy Shares

Linda resides with Buxton with her husband Mike and their feline babies.   
Learn more about how Linda can assist you at
or write her at: [email protected]

Kristen Cappucci is a native of North of Boston, MA. She has been a Psychic Medium since birth and knew her Intuitive gifts at a young age. Her empathic abilities with her remote senses can pick up on past, present, and future events.
She specializes in one on one personal readings, phone, and email on topics from love to career and beyond! She also does Spirit Galleries that connect a room of people to loved ones on the other side. Also she uses her gifts in the Paranormal Field doing in home investigations, identification of hauntings, to remote viewing from afar. She has appeared on TV and Radio in the United States and abroad. She has studied and taken teachings in many metaphysical topics that come natural to her. To name a few Astrology, Crystal Healing, Candle Magic, Essential Oils for Healing, Scrying, and Seance work. Her personsal background is Italian with Sicilian roots with a grandfather who was a seer like Edgar Cayce. Also a Russian, Portuguese and French side with many gifted relatives. She has studied many world religions and a love for cultures and people of all ages. She has done volunteer work with animals and also can communicate with animals on the other side from a small mouse to an iguana!! She is a mother of 2 children and 3 pet fancy rats!! Her work background is in the Travel Industry and a college intern in Disney World. Also many years in the medical field working with patients. Her future plans are to continue work with clients, work fairs and benefits, to Death transition work. Would like to be available to families in crossing over techniques and fears that exsist with the stigmas of Dying.

Tracy Arietti  The Bones Speak

I have always felt at home in places where others fear to tread. I know that there are Spirits around me, around you, around everyone, because I feel them - and sometimes see and hear them as well! I began sharing my psychic insights because the unseen often want to share information with those they love. I want to share my experiences, and those messages, with you. ( ) Through Osteomancy, I use bones, stones, shells and charms to channel messages from your Ancestors, Angels, Guides and departed loved ones for your greatest and highest good. It’s different from other forms of divination, and you will receive a unique reading that speaks only to you; telling you what you can do to improve your life, or sometimes just to cheer you on! In addition to helping people through readings, I am a fused and stained glass artist, and teach art glass techniques, and special “Art and Healing” classes to help you to work through difficult issues through expression. ( ). I am a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I am also a contributing author to the best-selling book 365 Days of Angel Prayer

Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator, Medium and Energy Worker.

Kathryn has been communicating with animals and nature for as long as she can remember and publicly for over 20 years. She connects with animals present and past for various reasons  ...from health to behaviour and receiving loving messages from animals and humans that have crossed over. It is her passion to assist in bringing harmony and empowerment to both animals and their human companions. [email protected] 207-462-2360 facebook page Earth Talk

Ernie VanDenBossche Medium & Healer

Ernie works as a medium and healer. Spirit is his guide in so many ways. Spirit works with each of us every day of our lives. Prepare yourself to step forward on your pathway. Your friends and loved ones on the "other side" may help show you new directions, confirm what you question, and help with personal healing, physical and emotional. 

Becky Vail   
Herbage by Bex

Becky has been loving and living Herbage by Bex, in Maine, since 2014. She is a nature and outdoor enthusiast, always in search of new adventures and places where the wild things grow.

Becky has completed a 500 hour herbal medicine course with Rosemary Gladstar, a 1500 hour course with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, and has completed three years of apprenticeship with Milk and Honey Swallowtail farm, as well as extensive classes on supporting her community with herbal remedies.

She has been in the social work field for the past 20 year with a focus on mental health, child safety and drug addiction. She is passionate about supporting mental health and trauma with herbal medicine.

Herbage by Bex is an individually owned apothecary, fully insured, with hand made products to ensure quality and product satisfaction.

Most importantly, all products are made with LOVE!

Joanne Liljeholm, BS, LMT, BCTMB

Joanne has been a leader in the spa industry for two decades, and now enjoys the honor of maintaining her own transformational healing practice in Wells, ME. It is here that she weaves Sound Healing with CranioSacral and Massage therapy to address the roots of issues with her clients. She also still spends time regularly expanding the frontiers of wellness by teaching Sound Healing and Advanced Massage Modalities to practitioners throughout the country and internationally. Joanne finds her greatest joy encouraging individuals to take active roles in actuating their highest purpose in life.

Phoenix Rising Star 
The Healing Angel Protocol™

As a healing practitioner of many modalities including Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki, being a former Trainer for Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life and Living in the Heart, and a former Trainer for Integrated Energy Therapy®️, Phoenix Rising Star draws from her 25 plus years of experience and her connection to Source to give life to The Healing Angel Protocol™. Born from the desperation of her dying friend, Phoenix courageously channeled this energy therapy to help mend the body’s damage, inside and out and learned firsthand the power of activating and manifesting.

Since teaching The Healing Angel Protocol™ Phoenix has witnessed firsthand the personal and professional development changes her students have made. Whether they have self-healed chronic illnesses, tumors, or disease or started and/or expanded their healing businesses, the transformation in all students has been profound.     If you’re ready to heal and transform your personal and professional life and to live the life of your dreams, check out The Healing Angel Protocol™ at 

Eva Goulette          Dancing Jaguar Inspirations

Eva is an international best-selling author and the founder of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, a company that creates metaphysical programs and products for all ages. Spirit Camp for Children, Spirit Camp for Teens, and Spirit Camp for Adults are foundational programs that provide a smorgasbord of teachings so participants can create a Wisdom Toolbox for life. When students learn to trust their intuition and connect to their Higher Wisdom they are able to make decisions for their highest good. Her mission is to empower and inspire students of all ages so we can create the world of tomorrow, a world where all of us will thrive.

Eva has shared her teachings throughout North America and is now expanding Spirit Camp programs to reach a global audience. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, summits, and on podcasts and radio shows. 

Sue Coffin   Healing Numbers 22 

I'm an Intuitive Numerologist

As a young child, I experienced many psychic phenomena, which piqued my curiosity about the unknown. Metaphysical studies became very important to me, and I’ve continued that lifelong path. True to my spiritual evolution, I’ve become a Reiki master, as well. In the midst of all of the books, classes and other information, I had a Numerology reading that astounded me in terms of the volume of accurate information derived just through my Birth name and Birth date. I was hooked – since that time,  I have studied beginning and advanced numerology, beyond advanced numerology, and compatibility readings.

I’ve had the great pleasure of expanding my knowledge by studying with Numerologist Jane Alton, one of the top Numerologists in the UK. Now I offer my services to help people by using a chart that beautifully validates their journeys.

Hilary Pidden   Reiki Master, Intuitive Artist

Hilary Pidden is a Reiki Master, Qoya dance/movement instructor and an Intuitive Artist. Her Soul Journey Drawing offerings are a way of bringing her creative process together with her intuition to support others. She created an oil pastel drawing showing the beauty of the essence of the person she is creating for. When Hilary isn’t working in her studio/office, she might be found walking in the woods with her dog Zipper.

Deneen Bernier  Healer, Guide, Mentor

Deneen is an awareness leader guiding people back to wholeness. She is passionate about supporting people's quality of life through her unique energy-enhancing and mindfulness services. Sharing her intuitive gifts as a healer, mentor, and guide, she assists her clients in identifying and engaging with the modalities that best address their needs. Her processes then help them derive the most impactful information, direction, and/or alignment from each tool.

Deneen serves the world locally and globally in numerous ways through energy wellness, forest therapy & plant spirit medicine, yoga & mindfulness, therapeutic recreation, and more. Her treasure trove of wisdom and skill has been born from nearly 3 decades of service to others' wellness and skill development. This passionate commitment stems from a diverse life of challenge and joy. Discovering the depths of depression in her youth and losses throughout adulthood yielded to an unexpected resiliency - not only to seek health and balance physically and emotionally, but also to find purpose in this complex world. All the services offered by Deneen directly contributed to her own healing, growth, and mission. Each of these tools continues  to define and shape who she is today.

Linda McCracken    Medium, Artist

Linda McCracken is a multi-talented, versatile and creative artist, writer, researcher, publisher, medium, space clearer, spiritual healer and tarot reader whose company is called Spiritual Web Communications, LLC.

She uses the Shapeshifter deck which is a very beautifully illustrated shamanistic Tarot deck for doing spiritual readings. Her readings include past, present and future.

She also does spirit art of loved ones who have passed. This is a physical type of mediumship where she allows spirit to use her body to draw the illustrations which give the essence of those who have passed.

Deborah MacCallum Klane
~ Intuitive Medium       
Dragonfly Messages

In 1990, two months prior to her son Evan’s birth, Deborah had a premonition that proved true, setting her life on an unforgettable trajectory and life altering journey. For the next 32 years, Deborah’s intuitive gifts were often used while caring for Evan who was non-verbal, medically compromised, and had profound physical disabilities.

“I think of myself as a conduit between the spirit world and souls here on Earth, and I like to use my intuitive gifts and connection to spirit to bring comfort and a sense of clarity to others. I draw such strength, guidance, and comfort from my personal “spirit team” especially during difficult times, I would be honored to share my gift with others”.

Deborah provides intuitive readings using oracle cards and offers automatic writing sessions where she will connect with spirit and provide her client with the written result. She has trained with metaphysical teachers and mentors in both Massachusetts and in Maine where she currently resides.

Kelly Dawn Purington   Medium/Psychic

I work as a Professional Medium and Psychic and have been delivering messages from Spirit since I was a teenager. At the age of 10, after my grandmothers crossing I realized that I was communicating with Spirit through my dreams. My Dad encouraged me to pursue this as a field of expertise, but only if I could be truly dedicated to being of heart. I have been dedicated to being of heart ever since. I absolutely love what I do! Nothing more fulfilling than to bring comfort to someone that lost someone close. Over the years I have fine tuned and developed these gifts to deliver messages of love and healing to those longing to hear from lost loved ones. Using my intuitive gifts as well as my psychic abilities I am able to provide guidance on ones life path as well. We all have questions regarding life and Spirit can provide direction. I look forward to connecting with you.